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Annie Oakley’s Double Barrel 20 gauge Shotgun – Presented to her by the famous hotel at Pinehurst, Carolina Hotel in North Carolina where she gave Shooting Classes at the famous resort in 1917. A beautiful gun in near mint condition with a Large Silver presentation plaque in the stock.

! The Finest Annie Oakley Presentation Shotgun in existence !

Annie Oakley Presentation European Gaming Shotgun Serial #14007 Presented to Annie Oakley "World Champion Rifle Shot - by the Carolina Hotel in Pinehurst, NC" ca.1917. A Deluxe grade highly engraved double barrel 20 gauge shotgun by Keuffs, Germany with silver presentation plaque on the stock which is elaborately carved and with deluxe checkered wood grip.

Several of her guns from her estate were sold recently, a similar shotgun brought $290,000 at auction, and yet another auction sold one of her many guns for $450,000 . This being equal or better than them all – A Showpiece -

(Provenance: accompanied by 1938 Letter of Authenticity by staff member at Pinehurst)

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Annie Oakley’s GOLD Watch presented to her by WF "Buffalo Bill" Cody for their GRAND TOUR in France during the 1st Wild West Show they performed at Paris, France in 1889, along with her beautiful 'Diamond' inlaid 'Winchester' silver pendant and her cameo. An absolutely stunning set.

This three-year tour of the wild WestSHow in Europe only cemented Oakley as America's first female star. She earned more than any other performer in the show, except for "Buffalo Bill" Cody himself. In Europe, she performed for Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom, King Umberto I of Italy, President Marie François Sadi Carnot of France and other crowned heads of state. Oakley supposedly shot the ashes off a cigarette held by the newly crowned German Kaiser Wilhelm II at his request. The gold watch is bright yellow gold and engraved and sold by the famous jeweler Jaccard in St. Louis, Missouri serial #1524 it is inscribed

"- To - Miss Annie Oakley – THE GRAND TOUR – W.F. Cody"

Annie Oakley would have worn these while she was in France performing in the Wild West Show in 1889 -1890. Also a mahogany wooden presentation box for the watch with a silver "Bulls Eye" target on top engraved within the target "To Little Miss Sureshot" the name that Sioux Chief Sitting Bull had given her in the Wild West Show. Only 1 other of her watches has ever been sold on the market, and nothing of this Historical importance. The entre ensemble Gold presentation Watch from WF Cody presented to her on the GRAND TOUR, her beautiful Diamond inlaid ‘Winchester’ silver pendant that she wore, and her cameo dress pendant )




Zapata’s Last Saddle – The Mexican Revolution – The President of Mexico

A Historical and Remarkable – Silver Mounted saddle rode by the famous Emilio Zapata during the Revolution in Mexico and it’s ensuing Civil War. He rode with Pancho Villa and his men fought for their freedom from the Mexican Aristocracy, together they rode into and captured Mexico City in 1914. To this day Zapata is revered as a Hero and a symbol of Freedom for the people of Mexico, he fought for land reform and freedom from the Land Baron’s where his partner in the Mexican Revolution – Pancho Villa fought for political reason’s the revolution quickly turned into a Civil War in Mexico with battles spilling over into America in New Mexico and in Texas. The President of the United States Woodrow Wilson sent troops to protect American Citizens along the border in 1917, commanded by General John Pershing, George S. Patton led a patrol the US Cavalry into Mexico and was credited with killing Villa’s 2nd in Command Julio Cardenas in a face to face shootout on the New Mexico border in1916. Pancho Villa may be a romantized house hold name, but Zapata to this day stands for something more than just the Mexican Revolution for his name is associated with Freedom from oppression.

A beautiful Cowboy saddle, with solid silver mounts, depicting the Mexican Eagle on the rear skirt and Lion heads on the flaps as symbols of Leadership. It is equal to Pancho Villa’s silver mounted saddle that just sold at auction for $750,000 (http://www.greatestcollectibles.com/pancho-villa-horse-saddle-auction/#.Wk55JN-nE2w). Most Importantly it has both Zapata’s name and the President of Mexico’s name on the Silver Pommel of the saddle as Zapata was assassinated in 1919 and his saddle was given to soon to be President Cardenas who had served as Zapata’s Captain & Pay Master, he preserved this saddle after Zapata’s death for future generations. It descended in President Cardenas family and was recently acquired from his daughter and is accompanied by her notarized Letter of Provenance and family history of the saddle that the Cardenas and Cruz families treasured for generations. A Unique opportunity to own the most remarkable saddle in western history

Provenance: Notarized Letters from both Zapata and Cardenas/Cruz and Orozco families



Arizona Territory - Colt .41 cal Cloverleaf Revolver engraved by Cuno Helfricht - serial # 1561 pocket gun carried by Sheriff Lyman Wakefield, Pima County, Arizona Territory. A rare gun especially used in the western Territory of Arizona. Accompanied by 20 or more original .41 cal cartridges which are also quite rare. A historical grouping including both of his Gold and Silver watches inscribed with his initials, his silver Sheriffs' Badge - and his 18 ct Gold Sheriff Badge watch fob. A remarkable grouping of this Sheriff that served on the Arizona - New Mexico border with Mexico in the 1890 's.



Texas Ranger George Washington Arrington - one of the most Famous Texas Rangers, his Merwin Hulbert .45 cal single action army highly engraved revolver made ca 1880 - He brought law and order to the Texas Panhandle and led explorations into unmapped areas of New Mexico, where he became a rancher in 1882, and latter became Sheriff of Wheeler County, Texas. Like many Texas Lawmen he had served in the Confederate Army, under Col. John S. Mosby and traveled west after the Civil War to find his future. A historical grouping including is Pistol, Gold watch, Badge and hand cuffs from his days as a Ranger. Previously on loan to museum, his descendants own present day Arrington Oil Company in Midland, TX



Mexican Revolutionary General Pascual Orozco - Presentation Colt .44 cal that he carried during the Revolution and ensuing Civil War. He was killed in 1915 carrying this gun by Texas Rangers in West Texas in a gun fight. Orozco was appointed Brigadier General in the Mexican Army in 1911, he soon led attacks against Pancho Villa who in turn had hired a Texas gunman named Tom Fountain to use his new machine gun in a sniper attack on Gen. Orozco troops, the American hired gunman was soon captured and executed by firing squad by order of Orozco, which also sealed Orozco's fate once he crossed the border into Texas as his execution of an American & Texas gunman was well known. A excellent Mexican Colt with nickle plating still visible, engraved on the backstrap " Gral. ( General) Pascual Orozco " he was promoted to general twice in 1911 and in 1913 this gun could have been presented to him on either occasion , but most likley was his last gun and the gun he carried when he met his fate in Texas in 1915.


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