Museum Consultant

Gary Hendershott serves as a Consultant to both Collectors and Museums, for the acquisition of major collections and individual historical items Icons, with an emphasis of keeping lifelong collections intact for future generations rather than disbursed and forever separated at auction. It is truly a life-time endeavor to build a important collection and in many cases impossible to ever assemble again. I have Collectors and Museums that recognize this life-time factor and they prefer to buy entire Collections and individual Historical Rarities intact to preserve their historical importance and advance their own collections.

As a independent Consultant, I help identify these innovative solutions and strategies for acquisition's:

• Authenticity: is it genuine
• Provenance: establish the previous collection history
• Fair Market Value: what is it worth in the current marketplace?
• Research & Analysis: discover & analyze its historical significance
• Inventory Organization: chronological organization in Excel spreadsheets
• Communication Buyer/Seller: open communication between both parties
• Delivery Fully Insured: oversee and cross check inventory and expedite for safe delivery
• Fees/Commissions : all of the above for a 20% agents fee

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GARY HENDERSHOTT - | P.O. BOX 22520, LITTLE ROCK, AR 72221 | TEL. 501-258-1861