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Buck Hendershott World War II battlefield Diary – Eyewitness Accounts of The Battle of Okinawa April1st, 1945  United States CB’s attached to the 2d Marine Divison


The Hendershott Construction Company  - Okinawa 1945 - 1990’s

The Hendershott Construction company was built and organized by my father A. W. “Buck” Hendershott a Seabee during WWII he built runway’s to Tokyo, and then built shopping centers, homes, and office building’s in the 1950-60’s when America moved from the Farm and Main street to the suburbs. He was the first contractor for Acoustical Ceilings in America and his career in construction began with the Civil Conservation Corps (CCC’s) during the Depression when President Roosevelt created the WPA to provide jobs in the 1930’s when no one had an opportunity.  In 1941 after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor he left the CCC’s and volunteered in the US Navy as a CB (Construction Battalion) and married my mom Anna Terry, before he went off to war in the South Pacific. He took part in the beachhead landing with the 2nd US Marines on Okinawa on April 1st, 1945. Transcripts from his battlefield diary are below (please click to read).

After World War II he applied for a GI Loan and began the Buck Hendershott Company. In 1953 he joined the American Home Builders Association. After his untimely death my mother Ann ran the business very successfully with the help of my sister Doris. I worked first as a laborer when I was 11 years old, then a carpenter and by the time I was 16 entered sales and bid jobs from blueprints and worked with some of the largest contractors in the Mid-South. Ann Hendershott was among the first Women in America to own and run a construction company. She helped found the organization known as WICs (Women In Construction). The construction business was still a man’s world at that time, and her competitors threatened to put her (us) out of business in six months. With great employees that had a strong work ethic and real devotion to the company, The Hendershott Company was a tremendous success and certainly proved a woman can run a company as well as a man, perhaps even better


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