Great Collectors

The Greatest Collector in Louisiana, here Dr B is donating Admiral Raphael Semmes Uniform and sword as well as CSA General Paul Semmes Uniform and Kepi KIA at Gettysburg to the Confederate Museum. The Semmes Family seated up front and his friend and fellow collector Bill Moore assisting. Also known as Dr. Books he had the finest Library and made regular pilgrimages to Maggs Book Store in London and I use to go along to help carry the books!

The Greatest Collector of Confederate belt plates and the Confederacy in general, standing with his wife Tricia beside a 10 lb Parrot Rifled canon that he sold to me on the way to the airport one day - decades ago. He latter sold me a embossed CS canteen during a flight from Charleston to Atlanta, I was in front of the plane and he and Tricia were several seats behind me the stewardess handed notes back and forth between us as we negotiated the price. When the plane landed I was the new owner of a CS Embossd Canteen and the stewardess was glad to get us off the plane!

Erga Gartenberg left Nazi Germany with his collection in a suitcase and began his new life in America funded by sales from that suitcase. He lost his left leg during the war and always claimed that 'Hitler took his Leg'. A more generous person does not exist, he loved collecting and sharing his knowledge and time freely. He handpainted Ties for the Kiwanis Club using his beautiful German script and did Book Keeping to fund his never ending passion for collecting.

The greatest Civil War dealer in Nashville. John found more great Civil War uniforms and weapons than anyone else in the state of Tennessee and issued his own catalogs for many years

Life Long Collector that always gave you more than you bargained for, a generous person he never stopped collecting. I first met him in Chicago when I was just 14 years old, we remained friends for a Life-Time. When I first met Bob he sold me suitcases of historical items and threw in the suitcases, they were so full that he tied ropes around them, I looked like an immigrant at the airport as the suitcases were all from eastern Europe ! He always bragged I was his youngest customer.

My friend Richard Freidemann - Holocaust Survivor of 7 Nazi Death Camps as a teenager including Auschwitz and Dachau. Life Long Collector we met in Chicago and stayed up all night in the lobby of the Palmer House talking about the war and the Holocaust. I was the first person he ever told his entire Life-Story to and I never forgot it. We became life long friends.

The Virginia Confederate, Bill found and owned more "Neat Stuff" as he called it than anyone I know of and loved every minute of it, at the original Gettysburg Civil War shows Bill ruled supreme and anything that was any good he go it! I learned early on to not try to compete with him but rather wait then see him at the end of everyday to get 1st pick of his new found Treasures. In this photo I have his favorite Confederate Bowie at his throat and Mike Kramer is wearing Bill's favorite Confederate Kepi, we had a good laugh !

Ken Laurence was the first to frame historical autographs for Collectors to display in their homes and offices. His frames to this day are the most elaborate and archival in presentation of letters by George Washington , Jefferson, Lincoln and all Famous Americans. His magnificent designs are quite simply the Best. A builder and real estate developer and past president of Miami home builders association, Kenny was a avid collector throughout his entire life a great collector and a gentleman in every respect.

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