Fakes and Scoundrels

"Fakes and Scoundrels" is a New Reference Book written by Gary Hendershott that every Collector, Museum Curator and Historian needs to read. This handy reference book covers all areas of collecting from Guns to Paintings, to Swords and Autographs, Coins and Militaria, Flags and Uniforms, it accurately describes how Auctions really operate and what to be aware of, Forgeries and how to Authenticate items in your collections by using independent 3rd party experts, Stolen items from Museums that have entered the collectible market, what to do if you discover you have a item missing from a museum.

'Fakes and Scoundrels - Donald R. Tharpe' of how a crooked collector attempts to commit Insurance Fraud by falsely claiming theft of guns & swords. A True Story of a decade long scheme to commit Fraud on several Museums, several Collectors, several Dealers, several Virginia Banks and the US Army Title 10 Exchange on a scale that has never been seen before!

Hendershott vs Tharpe for Insurance Fraud - click here.

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