• Gilbert Stuart, The Athenaeum portrait of George Washington
  • George Washington wine cooler, 1st White House
  • Charles Wilson Peale portrait of George Washington
  • Emmanuel Leutze, portrait of The Return of Columbus in Chains to Spain, 1842
  • Edward Henry Potthast's A Day at the Beach
  • Flowers at a Chateau, Giverny Gardens, France 1918
  • Paul Sormani, Paris 1860, Monumenta Gilt table
  • G Marcel Suchorowsky portrait Nana, St. Petersburg Russia
  • Tecumseh's war club
  • 1876 Gatling gun, Custer model 76
  • 1883 Colt Gatling gun
  • 1871 Gatling gun
  • Libbie original tintype, Custer and his wife
  • Custers battle flag
  • General Muhlenberg Revolutionary War pistols
  • Union Admiral Farraguts's gold inlaid presentation pistol to Admiril David Porter
  • Colonel Richard Johnson gold War of 1812 sword, Shawnee Chief Tecumseh
  • Major General Rufus King presentaion sword, 2nd Bull Run
  • Civil War General Davidson gold/silver and diamond presentation sword
  • Alexander the Great marble bust, Greek sculpture Praxiteles in Alexandria, Egypt 320 BC
  • Corinthian bronze helmut, 400 BC
  • Greek bronze Cuirass and a pair of Greaves, 400 BC
  • Female black marble mask, Teotihuacan, 200 AD
  • Mayan Jade pectoral necklas, Omam, Yucatan
  • Mayan Stele carved limestone, Yucatan, 500 AD
  • Gold statue of a Sharman, Quimbaya Columbia
  • Gold Sharman with wings, Pectoral necklace, Sin Columbia
  • Egyptian gold/gilt bronze statue of Osiris
  • Egyptian limestone sculpture model of Pharoh 300 BC
  • Greek Egyptian gold snake bracelot, Cleopatra era

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