• General Nathan Bedford Forrest sword
  • JEB Stuarts battle flag
  • Confederate 3rd National battle flag
  • Confederate battle flag belt buckle
  • A unique Duhfilo pelican sword
  • Confederate Lt. Colonels uniform
  • Missouri Confederate battle flag
  • Confederate General William Mahone sword
  • Confederate Kraft, Goldsmith and Kraft CS staff
  • Confederate Virginia Captains homespun uniform
  • Confederate - CS-Stars gilt buckle
  • CSA JEB Stuarts Courier butternut shell jacket
  • 2nd Georgia sharpshooters battle flag
  • CSA Captain Chisolm 1st South Carolina sharpshooters uniform
  • CSA 1st National Liberty or Death flag
  • Confederate Richmond Depot shell jacket
  • Stonewall brigade battle flag
  • CSA General Whartons uniform
  • CSA Captain J Pratt 18th Virginia Calvary uniform
  • Stonewall Jacksons courier uniform
  • CSA General Stevens uniform
  • General Robert E. Lee Mexican War pistols
  • Confederate 3rd National battle flag
  • Confederate Major Haines Missouri uniform
  • Confederate Virginia 1st National flag
  • Missouri unit flag
  • Confederate uniform from Texas
  • 31st Tennessee Volunteers battle flag

Welcome to the greatest source for American Art and History. Please explore Icons My Legacy with History to view some of the important historical treasures I have sold over the past half century building great collections for great collectors and museums.

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The foremost Private Collection of our 1st president ever assembled

Features some of the most important Western/Outlaw items to have ever been sold

The Gladium Collection of the greatest American swords ever collected

Many of the finest historical Native American items to have come on the market

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