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I began collecting when I was just 11 years old and by the time I was 16, was traveling around the country buying up family correspondences, relics and estates which led me to a combination of buying both Art and History.

I have been fortunate to have owned many of the most important rarities to have come on the market for several decades. My father was a Seabee in WWII and came home after the war; got a GI loan and began a construction company that prospered during the Eisenhower years when America moved from the Farm and Main Street USA to suburbs and shopping centers. Building those suburbs and shopping centers provided my source of income to collect as I went to work on construction jobs when I was a teenager.

Many of those carpenters and job superintendents were also veterans of the war and they taught me not only a strong work ethic but the value of a honest days work. I flew out on my 1st Big deal when I was 16 ... I went to Chicago to meet Bob Weiz, who sold me suitcases full of historical items. Bob and I are still good friends to this day almost forty years later. I was his youngest customer and he always gave me more than I bargained for. Generosity is a key element amongst collectors, it is not all about the money, it is also about the people you meet along the way that you help and in turn help you.

I have owned the personal effects of many Famous Americans including: RE Lee, George Washington, JEB Stuart, George Custer, Nathan Bedford Forrest, Ulysses S. Grant along with a few of infamy Frank & Jesse James, the Youngers & the Daltons. Some of the paintings that I have owned were Gilbert Stuart's iconic "Dollar Bill" portrait of George Washington, Emanuel Luetze "Washington Crossing the Delaware", Mary Cassat's very first portrait she painted in 1871, and all of the Taos artists.
I pride myself on Integrity, Ethics and Professional conduct, after more than 30 years of Buying and Selling the Finest Historical items in the World - I still enjoy doing business ' The Old Fashion Way" of selling great items to great collectors and museums.

About Gary

CSN Admiral Raphael Semmes and CSA General Paul Semmes uniforms and hats being donated to the Museum of the Confederacy, Dr. Boagni and the Semmes Family

Gary Hendershott
Historical Consultant

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