S05 'Danza' by Salomones

A nude ballerina 'Danza' by Salomones, 1989

Victor Salmones ( 1937 – 1989 ) one of Salmones last and among his finest sculptures, “Danza,” illustrates the freedom of movement and the love of life as she dances across your minds eye and the horizon behind her. Victor Salmones is among the all time great sculptors of the 20th century. He first became famous for the magnificent landmark sculpture of “Narcissus” that sits on a rock overlooking the port of Acapulco Bay. All the worlds 1st Jetsetters bought Victors work, including J Paul Getty, John D Rockefeller and Aristotle Onassis. His sculptures are on exhibit around the world from New York to Paris, to Athens and Los Angeles, the Smithsonian; as well as the Fine Art Museum in New Orleans has an entire sculpture garden devoted just to Salmones magnificent works.
Signed on the base, 7 feet tall and weighs 1200 lbs, Purchased from the Salmones estate.