S03 'Galatea' Monumental Sculpture

“Galatea” Monumental Sculpture from the Anatole Lobby inspired by the Ancient Greek sculpture by Pygmalion

Michael Cunningham (20th Century ) A Texas based sculptor who has taught workshops in Modern Techniques in Sculpture in Denver, Los Angeles and Taos, New Mexico, created this 15 foot tall monumental acrylic sculpture and was commissioned by Trammel Crow for his world famous ‘Anatole’ hotel which he built in 1978 – it adjoins the Dallas Trade Mart that he also built. This magnificent sculpture refracts light and was the focal point of the ‘Anatole’ atrium lobby for over two decades, where all who came to Dallas saw this magnificent landmark artwork. An acrylic abstract from the 70’s Art Movement, it depicts the mythological Ancient Greek Female Statue that came to life and seduced the Greek Sculptor Pygmalion ca. 500 BC.
Signed by the artist on the base, acrylic cast and hard carved by the artist, created by commission by Trammel Crow, accompanied by original installation photographs. In original perfect condition with no restoration, 15 feet tall and weighs 1200 lbs.