P18 Rauschenberg of Bobby Kennedy

Rauschenberg of Bobby Kennedy

Robert Rauschenberg (1925-2008). One of the most controversial artworks by this leader in American Pop Art, “Waterstop” is a lithograph a kaleidoscope of mixed media done just 2 weeks before Bobby Kennedy was assassinated while running for President of the United States. Bobby is depicted twice in this large folio artwork and is signed and numbered 20/28 in 1968 by Rauschenberg. A native of Port Arthur, Texas, he was one of the most creative artists of his generation and is credited with Jasper Johns of breaking the stronghold of Abstract Expressionism in the American avant garde scene. His works were recently exhibited in a retrospective by the Guggenheim in New York which reaffirmed his goal for him to act in the gap between art and life. Rauschenberg artwork rarely comes onto the market and is in every major museum in America.

Signed, numbered and dated by the artist; “RAUSCHENBERG 22/28 1968,” purchased directly from him in 1968 and never on the market before, lithograph of mixed media on elephant folio archilles paper, 36 x 60 inches, framed. In perfect condition with no restoration.