15 Greek Gold necklace

Greek Gold & Garnet necklace

Gold necklace from Alexander’s reign
Ancient Greek and Garnet necklace, ca. 300-400 B.C. – Gold floral type necklaces such as this had sacred meaning in ritual, with specific associations with the deities in the Greek pantheon. Among the most popular in Alexander’s time were beech nuts, commonly found in Northern Greece, each bezel set with a cabochon garnet from India/Turkey after Alexander’s Conquest precious gemstones which had never been seen, became popular and Greek goldsmith’s found inspiration for many of their design elements using these beautiful gems’ each supporting a gold beechnut style pendant.

Provenance: Jack M. Ogden, London, Similar example found in Thessaloniki, no. 30 pg 74-75 Williams & Ogden, Greek Gold – Jewellery of the Classical World