P19 Tecumseh’s War Club

Tecumseh’s War Club - Presented to General Brock - Commander of the British Army - upon the capture of Detroit in 1812

1 of only 4 Shawnee War Clubs known to exist and the only documented Tecumseh War Club – The most important Native American Indian weapon still in private hands, recently discovered in British General Brock’s family in England and well documented and well publicized in both the newspapers in London and Toronto, as well as firmly documented in the Brock Family Will’s where it was handed down from generation to generation. It is also published in books about Brock & Tecumseh and more recently by the Associated Press! And the unveiling of a painting of General Brock holding this club at the Royal Canadian Military Institute, most importantly it is accompanied by Sir Isaac Brock’s “Royal Order of Bath” being his “Knighthood” appointment as a Knight of the British Empire, for the Capture of Fort Detroit and forming an alliance with the American Indian’s Chief Tecumseh.

Shawnee war clubs are extremely rare, only 4 are known to exist, neither the Smithsonian or the Museum of the American Indian have one in their collections! But, this is the only Shawnee War Club firmly documented to Chief Tecumseh, who was the first and only Indian Leader to unite all the Native American Tribes to defend themselves against white settlers and/or governments from taking their native lands. Tecumseh traveled on a mission to recruit all the Indian tribes from the Great Lakes to the Mississippi Valley to join his confederation and defend their lands. General Brock was killed in action just 3 months after he received Tecumseh’s War Club, his brother returned it along with all of his personal effects to their family in England where it has been for the past 200 years, along with his military papers “Knighthood” document illustrated above (which has a Native American Indian in his Crest), these military papers and Tecumseh’s War Club have been in the same wooden box in General Brock’s family since he was killed. Dr. Ted Brasser, the world’s leading expert on Woodland & Plains Indian artifacts and retired from the National Museum of Civilization did lengthy research and a Letter of Authentication, as well as Winfield Coleman curator of American Indian Art at Stanford University has done additional research accompanies this famous War Club. Like any military leader, Tecumseh’s War Club was a symbol of his leadership and power among his people; while he fought with a Pistol and Tomahawk he always rallied his warriors with this War Club. This is the Most Important Native American Indian discovery in a hundred years. Hand carved with Shawnee cultural and ceremonial designs 2 feet long with his original hand painted & signed Knighthood document 20 x 30 inches and original wooden box & key