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The Gladium Collection of 100 Confederate Swords
The Presentation Swords

57th Georgia, Stonewall Brigade and Immortal 600 POW – CS officer’s sword of the 57th Georgia he was captured on May 5th, 1863 at the Battle of Chancellorsville when Stonewall Jackson was killed in battle. Sent to POW camp at Old Capitol Prison in Washington DC, his Haiman CS sword was captured at Chancellorsville by an officer in 125th NY infantry from whose descendants this sword was recently discovered.

17th Georgia, Col WC Hodges presentation by Haiman – CSA Lion Head sword (1 of only 2 in existence the other sold for 250,000 a decade ago)

2nd Tennessee Infantry Capt. John Saffrans, Battle of Belmont (Memphis) presentation by Griswold – the famous Fort Sumter hilt

Terrill Artillery Georgia Volunteers - Capt. Edgar G. Dawson, by Haiman CS - presentation sword

1st Georgia Infantry, Lt. Col. J O Clark Co. D, Ramsey’s formed in Macon, Ga April 1861

20th Georgia - Capt. John Jones Confederate States Treasury he signed the Confederate Currency, sword made by Martin & Carrol Tilton CS sword and his letters

Col. William Ross, killed at the Battle of Stones River, TN January 1863, by College Hill presentation

5th Virginia, Company D “Stonewall Brigade” carried by Lt. Samuel F. Carson, wounded at the Battle of Chancellorsville and again at the Battle of Gettysburg – sword by McKennie presentation made at Charlottesville, Virginia

2nd Georgia Infantry, Lt W C Hodges, commanded the 17th Georgia at the Battle of Manassas

Washington Artillery, Louisiana – Lt AJ Leverich by Haiman CS presentation sword

2nd Independent Battalion of Georgia Volunteer Infantry the Macon Volunteers, Lt. GC Conner presentation sword made by EJ Johnston, Macon Georgia his father was also in the 2nd Ga

1st Alabama Sharpshooters, Lt. Col. Thomas Stone served under General Forrest, by Leech & Rigdon CS

4th Mississippi – Lt Thomas R Latham joined at Grenada, Mississippi and captured at the Battle of Vicksburg, Leech and Rigdon “CS” Cavalry officer’s presentation sword

38th Georgia Infantry - Milton Guards, Lt Eldridge G Devore killed in battle August 1864

1st Virginia Infantry – Captain Joseph Michard, by Boyle & Gamble Staff officers sword presentation etched blade by WT Egge, he guarded the Confederate capitol in Richmond

27th Georgia Infantry “Dillard Grays” presentation by Haiman CS Staff officers sword to Captain LL Graybill, he commanded the Oglethorpe Light Infantry at the Battle of Manassas

13th Tennessee Volunteers – Colonel BL Dyer served under Cleburne and Forrest, by College Hill presentation etched blade by LT Cunningham

3rd Georgia Cavalry – Lt James L Bravel Co. F, presentation sword by McElroy, Macon, Georgia

26th Tennessee Infantry – Lt Col Bottles fought at battle of Atlanta and served under General Hood

29th Mississippi – Capt Robert Johnson, wounded at Murfreesboro, and latter at the Battle of Atlanta

2nd Alabama – Magnolia Regiment, rode with Forrest into West Tennessee, Lt RL Kilpatrick Co. H presentation Leech & Rigdon extra branch (1 of 2 known), this sword was captured by Union Army private John Lynch Co. B 122nd Illinois Regiment at the Battle of Parkers Crossroads

Edmund Ruffin - Palmetto Guard – Fired the First Shot of the Civil War at Fort Sumter, SC – his cased presentation 1861 South Carolina Militia Presentation sword. He killed himself at the end of the War in 1865.

The Fire Chief of Atlanta – presentation sword by EJ Johnson of Macon, Georgia the blade is etched with his name as well as a Fire Wagon and “Presented to the Chief Engineer Wm. Barnes by the Firemen of Atlanta May,1862” commanded the 9th Georgia Artillery, he died in battle on the very Last Day of the War the same day that Lee surrendered on April 7th, 1865

The finest and most historically important collection of Confederate Officer Swords in Existence 1861 – 1865. The above represents some of the Confederate Officer’s Presentation Swords in this important collection, which were made during the civil war for Confederate Officers with their names and regiments beautifully “Etched on the Blade” with patriotic motifs by the Confederate sword makers

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The Entire Lifetime Collection of 100 Confederate Swords
offered intact $3.5 million

CSA Sword Catalog 2018 - To visit our website click here

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