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James Conning, Mobile Alabama
Confederate Staff Officers Sword

CS in gold gilt guard, with rounded top edge of blade. This is sword style brought to James Conning in Mobile, Ala. by the famous sword maker Jacob Faser of Mississippi. Who made some of the finest quality swords in the Confederacy. A rare Confederate Officers sword with assembly number 161 stamped underneath the guard near the ricasso of the blade.

H1 - $9,500
Call Gary 501.258.1861      
Leech & Rigdon Reverse C S Cavalry Officers Sword

Reverse “CS” in the engraved guard, battle wear on grip yet completely untouched and in attic find condition, which is nice to see! Made in Columbus, Mississippi in 1862 by Thomas Leech & Charles Rigdon who previously operated the Memphis Novelty Works foundry until Memphis fell then moved their foundry where they made Swords & Buckles & Spurs in Columbus, Mississippi.

H2 - $12,500
Call Gary 501.258.1861      
Boyle & Gamble “C S Star” Staff Officers Sword

‘CS STAR’ cast in the guard with bright gilt, in a Union Officers brass mounted steel scabbard. This sword was made in Richmond, Virginia to supply the officers of Gen’l Lee’s famous Army of Northern Virginia. It was the most popular sword bought and carried by the officer’s of these newly formed companies of volunteers that made up Lee’s Army.

H3 - $7,500
Call Gary 501.258.1861      
Confederate Staff Officers Sword
C S A cast into the guard

Confederate States Armory made in Kenansville, NC. Staff Officers Sword with large CSA cast in the entire guard, very displayable and one of the most famous swords of the Confederacy.

H4 - $9,500
Call Gary 501.258.1861      
Griswold Confederate Cavalry Officers Sword

Made in New Orleans with an ornate high relief engraved and gilt guard. The large cavalry blade is a French blockade run import and is engraved on the top flat of the blade by the French maker Coulon and assembled by Griswold in New Orleans and sold in his Military store to the newly enlisted officers from Louisiana and Mississippi.

H5 - $3,500
Call Gary 501.258.1861      
Nashville Plow Works with CSA Cast into the Guard

Bright gold gilt on the guard with ‘C.S.A.’ clearly cast underneath. Nashville, Tennessee soon fell to Union forces and this sword had a short production.

H6 - $7,500
Call Gary 501.258.1861      
Louis Frolich ‘CSA’ Sword – with ornate "Etched Blade"

Only 4 examples are known to exist with an etched blade and could be considered the rarest of all Confederate States Armory made swords in Kenansville, NC. A Staff Officers Sword with large CSA cast in the entire guard, very displayable and one of the most famous swords of the Confederacy.

H7 - $11,000

Call Gary 501.258.1861      
Memphis Novelty Works - Confederate Cavalry Sword

Three line inscription on this large Confederate cavalry fighting sword, made in Memphis Tennessee by this sword & buckle maker who latter became Leech & Rigdon. After Memphis fell to Union forces they moved their sword & buckle & spur factory to Columbus, Mississippi.

H8 - $7,500
Call Gary 501.258.1861      

Confederate 1st National Flag - Captured at Fort Donelson 1862

Confederate 1st National Flag captured at the Fall of Fort Donelson, above Nashville in 1862, hand sewn 53 x 68 inches and one of only two known Confederate Flags captured at the fall of Fort Donelson in private hands, made of cotton, silk and wool with fringe on the fly. In a unusual 11 Star variant design with the 4 succeeding states below the original 7 states that first formed the Confederacy making up this unusual 11 Star configuration. The Fall of Fort Donelson on the Cumberland River was the beginning of the end for the Confederate capitol of Tennessee in Nashville and the important port of Memphis on the Mississippi River. Gen Nathan Bedford Forrest led his cavalry out of the fort rather than surrender to Union Troops.

This flag descended in the family of Union Captain Hiram Devol of the 36th Ohio Infantry and has his note attached to the flag stating that it was captured on February 16, 1862 at Fort Donelson accompanied by a letter from the foremost flag Confederate Flag expert Greg Biggs, along with the Devol family Provenance. The flag has been conserved and is ready for display in a custom made ornate gold gilt frame. The overall framed size is very displayable at approximately 4 by 6 ft.

H9 - $65,000
Call Gary 501.258.1861      
Confederate Revolver made in Austin, Texas

Confederate Revolver made in Austin, Texas by gunsmith George Todd ca. 1861. One of the rarest of all Confederate handguns is this .36 cal. Navy Revolver made by Mexican Gunsmiths at George Todd’s gun shop on 2nd Avenue in Austin, Texas during the early days of the Civil War. The last one of these I had, sold for over $50,000. A rare Confederate/Texas gun, Todd was a skilled gunsmith who latter returned to Alabama during the
war and went to work in the Confederate States Armory, thus only a few of these Texas guns are known to exist. Accompanied by its original slim Jim holster.
H10 - $37,500
Call Gary 501.258.1861      
Lynchburg, Virginia CSA rim fire Belgian Import Revolver

Lynchburg, Virginia CSA rim fire Belgian revolver imported into the Confederacy by ‘Wm. B & C Fisher – Lynchburg, Va.’ die stamped on the barrel flat and carried by Lt. Colonel of the 15th Virginia (name inside grips). William Fisher had a Gun & Pistol Emporium on Main St in Lynchburg, Virginia he also
made percussion caps which he sold in Virginia and Georgia, he advertised his business in Augusta, Ga. newspaper that he was set up at the Southern States Hotel in Augusta in 1863 to sell his pistols and percussion caps. Converted & Used post war in the West like so many Civil War guns this was converted to a .45 cal. postwar that would have used readily available Colt SAA cartridges. An interesting combination of a Confederate then Western used pistol.
H11 - $3,500
Call Gary 501.258.1861      
Colt Model 1862 Pocket Navy Revolver, Dodge City, Kansas

Colt Model 1862 Pocket Navy Revolver found still loaded in Dodge City, Kansas. If only this gun could talk it could certainly relay some interesting history, as it was found in a wall still fully loaded in this famous Old West town of Gunslinger fame of Wild Bill Hickok and others that made their way West after the Civil War. Still loaded with .38 rim fire – five copper cased cartridges frozen in place, it was obviously a 2nd gun for protection in Dodge City, the low serial # 1017 makes this even more intriguing. Accompanied by Letter of Provenance.

H12 - $2,500
Call Gary 501.258.1861      
The Confederate Veteran – Complete Set of this important and historical reference work.

43 volumes including 3-volume index by Broadfoot Publishing, Wilmington, NC. Over 20,000 pages, 4,000 photos, battle accounts, war memories, Confederate Veteran history, veteran affairs, obituaries, UDC history. This is a reprint of the complete 40-year run of Confederate Veteran Magazine 1893-1932. Accompanied by the 3-volume index, which is 2700 pages and 500,000 entries, including every name and significant mention and cross-reference charts. "The largest collection of personal experiences, anecdotes, battle footnotes, and biographical sketches for the Confederate side.". The index is applicable to all editions. Printed on acid-free paper, fine cloth hardcover binding 1987, sewn not glued, reinforced hinges, gold stamping on covers and spine. Very Fine.

H13 - $1,100
Call Gary 501.258.1861      

Smith & Wesson .45 cal. Factory Engraved Revolver and Shoulder Stock

Smith & Wesson .45 cal. 2nd Model beautiful factory engraved, nickel plated single action revolver with it’s custom made matching nickel plated detachable shoulder-stock all in the original factory made wood case with cartridge box & tool. A Superb showpiece of a rare Western Gun that was customized with a gunsmith made shoulder stock.

H14 - $9,500
Call Gary 501.258.1861      
European Production Model of a Colt Single Action engraved with Indian Scenes

European Production Model of a Colt Single Action Army, with an engraved cylinder scene depicting a Soldier shooting at a Indian on horseback. Obviously made for the American West market in an attempt to compete with Colt and other American gun makers.

H15 - $7,500
Call Gary 501.258.1861      
101 Ranch - Indian Beaded Belt & Holster & Knife Sheath

101 Ranch – Indian beaded belt & holster & knife sheath stamped twice “ 101 Ranch – Bliss O.T. Oklahoma Territory”. Beaded in the Cheyenne style and rubbed with red ochre, accompanied by blacksmith made antler bowie knife, the holster would have carried a 5 ½ in Colt .45 Lightning pistol.

H16 - $7,500
Call Gary 501.258.1861      
Indian Tomahawks

Indian Tomahawks, includes a Brass head pipe tomahawk from the tribe in Wisconsin, accompanied by other spike & hammerhead dug tomahawks from the Ohio Valley. Interesting group of 5 weapons from the Chippewa tribe.

H17 - $1,750
Call Gary 501.258.1861      

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