W04 Handwritten Speech

President George Washington handwritten Speech

The document was delivered before Congress being his sixth annual “ State of the Union “ address on November, 1794.
“The Law and Order Precedent of the Federal Government”

Washington for the first time establishes the Authority of the Federal Government
over the very important Theory of States Rights
In this historic November 1794 speech delivered by America’s first president, George Washington, he establishes for the first time the authority of the federal government. In this 22-page speech, written and signed by George Washington, he is addressing Congress for the sixth time in his presidency. In establishing the authority of the federal government, President Washington cites the ‘Whiskey Rebellion’ as an instance of the government’s justified use of force to quell an uprising. A strong case can be made from a thorough reading of this eloquent manuscript speech for establishing the ‘law and order’ precedent that was eventually used to subdue the uprising in the South known as the Civil War.

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